Genesis Story

Imagine 10K Raging Roosters living in the city of Metatropolis, just east of Roostlyn.

The year is 2022 and every day is the same old grind. Rinse and repeat... You worked so hard to get here, now everything seems stuck. It feels like life just got a ton harder. Plus, EVERYTHING IS GETTING MORE EXPENSIVE BY THE DAY!

Sorry. The Rage is still in there...

As I was saying, everything is getting more expensive and chaos is everywhere. It seems like most relationships are falling apart and it doesn’t matter if you are a little roo, stay-at-home rooster, rooster pro, or a rooster on its last cock-a-doodle-do.

Roosters started to snap under the pressure and this is how the GENESIS story of the Raging Roosters began.

The rage didn't discriminate and stories of roosters losing their marbles filled the airways. For me and my department at Rcorp, we snapped along with them! The cost of working for “The Man” didn't seem to make much sense anymore.

We flocked from all over the city, stormed into our manager’s office, threw our ID card down on the desk, and said “goodbye” to the dreaded 9-to-5!

In times like these, hot sauce is the usual remedy of choice. It calms the fire raging inside, but even the rooster “magic sauce” wasn’t helping.

After some destructive Raging Rooster behavior, some worse than others... We started to come to our senses.

Was it an epiphany? A miracle of sorts… We were changing from the inside out and it spread like “rooster flu” in the Summer.

Not only was the rage fading, but something was pulling us together as each rooster became a part of the Raging Rooster community, aka “The Roost.”

It’s still unclear what is causing this mysterious conversion, but the Raging Roosters are determined to discover its origins as we team up to support our journeys of finding connection, health, and peace.

The story doesn't end here… there are more Raging Roosters to save as our community is just getting started.

Join the fight!


One of the biggest cities in the Metaverse and the home of all types of PFP NFT characters including the Raging Roosters.


The hip borough of Metatropis where culture happens and everyone wants to live.